Geoinvest Limited was established in January 1986 by Mr Andreas Shiathas. The company is registered in Cyprus and operates both in Cyprus and abroad. Geoinvest Ltd is a consulting engineering firm specializing in geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, applied geology and building materials testing.

The firm was involved in several large-scale projects related with both onshore and offshore drilling for ground investigation for motorways, ports, airports, high rise buildings, sewerage systems etc. In addition to that, the firm performed several environmental studies for all the quarries of Cyprus and the government. Furthermore, the firm is also being involved in several research projects financed by the European Union in cooperation with various organizations from various European and third Countries.

The list of our clients includes all the major contracting - constructing companies and quarries of Cyprus, the public/semipublic sector and other big international construction companies.

The firm has over 500 square meters of office and laboratory space conveniently located in Aglantzias Light Industrial Area in Nicosia. The laboratory is fully equipped with up to date equipment and machinery to handle all of your testing requirements. The primary fields of testing are in soils, rocks, water, concrete, aggregates, earthworks materials, asphalt, masonry, concrete products and steel.

The in house training of our staff and through various outside agencies such as UKAS and TUV Hellas/Cyprus, assures the highest quality of results. In addition to our staff being certified, our equipment and machinery are calibrated regularly to ensure our clients error free testing results.

Our laboratory is accredited for testing aggregates (used for earthworks, asphalt, concrete and plaster), fresh concrete, hardened concrete and concrete products according to ISO 17025:2005 by CYS/ESYD (Accreditation certificate L001-2)



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